You are the most important person in the world!

I was sending a text to a friend the other day and I used the words above.  What did I mean about them? Simply, that you are the most important person in the world to YOU!

Your work is important. Your business is important. What you do in the future is important.

Our economy has been struggling for a while. Jobs have been lost. Our country is suffering from the effects of bad spending, plundering of resources and rash decisions. SMEs have been left aside and are being targeted and ignored at the same time. Targeted for any shred of tax or levies they may owe, and ignored as the future of Ireland’s economy. The big Corporates are baling out month on month. The States and semi-States are under huge strain. The way out is clearly through small business. They will lead the way for future growth and job creation. They will rebuild this economy. One business at a time.

We have had great economic times for the past decade. We have had a huge amount of freedom and opportunity. We all now have a responsibility to do our part in getting this country liquid again. We don’t need to be looking to our Government for job creation and success. We don’t need to look for handouts. We will thrive again, as we always have done in the past. Recessions are repetitive – we have survived others and will survive this one. We will use innovation and hard work. We will project our expertise collectively to make an impact on our recovering economy. It is true that Ireland lags behind but that works both ways. We didn’t suffer until the recession was well and truly underway in the US, and the good times will take their time, but they will come, and we can do everything in our power to make sure it rests firmly on our shores.

The Domino Effect

What accelerates a recession more than mistrust and collapse? Talking about it! We have the collective power to decide if the big R is going to drag us down, OR NOT!!  The economy is based on decisions made on a daily  basis by the average Joe Soap. If you decide to spend money, start a business or even talk about doing so, it creates a psychological domino effect to those around you. This is a way of being pro-active! This is a way of chosing our own destiny and being a part of positive change. If we talk about growth and opportunity, we are paving the way for a future we can build together again. We can accomplish this by simply investing in ourselves, our businesses and then by default, our local economies.

We are the beginning

Is a beginning a means to an end? Seeing that recessions and booms are repetitive, one end becomes the beginning of the other and vice versa. We are the foundations of a rising economy. We have the power as small business communities to create jobs. This in turn improves the local economy. Local economy effects the national economy and so on. The success stories of today had to start somewhere. A lot of today’s multi-billion enterprises began in a utility room, a back yard or around a kitchen table. Some small businesses in Ireland today will turn into the next Google, HP or Apple. We can be a part of that beginning. We can contribute in every which way possible by building networks, building relationships and ultimately building enterprises. Now is the time to get creative and think outside the box. Now is the time to foster ideas and convert them into marketable businesses.

“Imagination is the highest form of research.”— Albert Einstein

Take care of the people

Your business thrives on people. People are essential to sales, promotions, and success. Take care of your employees, your clients. Give them what they need. They will succeed – you will succeed. Invest your time and money in them and they will pay tremendous dividends to your business, and in turn, the economy at large. Be sure to give back a multiple of what you receive. Be a bigger giver than receiver. Go above and beyond what is required.

“Don’t wait. The time will never be just right.” Napoleon Hill

I am important. You are important. We can and do make a difference. The Entrepreneurs of today will create change in our economy tomorrow. We can help this process by our thoughts, words and actions. We can start right now by thinking that we make a difference, talking about it and doing all we can to maintain our business and keep it afloat until this phase passes.

Remember that life is cyclical – ALWAYS. We live, we die, we are reborn, we live, we die..
Business and economies are also cyclical. The fruits of our labours today will be enjoyed in the future.
What comes around goes around. What goes around comes around. Improve your thoughts and the rest will be History!

Here’s to our future!


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