Upskill Your Workforce The Smart Way

Training and Coaching with The Smart Train

Investing in Training and Coaching is one of the most effective steps you can take to boost competitive advantage for your business. It’s a given. Any Human Resources or Training Manager I have spoken with over the years, realises and appreciates the need to upskill their staff and maintain a skilled workforce.

Upskill your key people and keep them at the top of their game

Professional development is generally high on their list of priorities when a company is progressing. Especially when IT processes and legal know-how are continuously evolving, updating and changing. It is imperative any workforce has the skills and knowledge required to effectively execute their roles.

Training and Coaching with The Smart Train

However, skill and knowledge are not sufficient by themselves to achieve effectiveness. A company needs buy-in at a cultural level. This stems from the hiring process. If you hire staff that do not share your organisation’s values and wishes to work towards your mission, they will never truly be ‘on board.’

Staff should not only know what is required to effectively complete their tasks, they also should WANT to improve their skills and enhance their knowledge. Any employee worth their salt will be proactively seeking to improve and streamline how they execute their individual role. This comes from attitude – the A in the Acronym SKA (Skills, Knowledge, Attitude). I prefer to refer to it as ASK, in that order!

Why upskill staff with training and development?

By investing intelligently in appropriate staff and management training solutions you can realise tangible business benefits on many different levels. For example, here are just a few key benefits you will experience working with training and coaching programmes:

#1. Improve effectiveness

Making more efficient and effective use of the key players you already have is one of the cornerstones of boosting your competitive advantage. Customising your training and coaching solutions will help you get the best performance from your employees. To upskill your staff, means to improve the competence of each player within your organisation. This raises the overall calibre of your existing staff.

#2. Improve morale

When you invest in an employee’s personal and professional education and development they feel valued. Your staff will feel empowered to be the best they can be in your company. That boosts their morale, and has a ripple effect that permeates the entire organisation.

#3. Improve employee retention

Staff turnover is a real and very costly problem in many industries. Investing wisely in the right training and development for your staff reduces the problem significantly. When employees have the opportunity to grow and develop within an organisation, they will feel more loyal towards that organisation, and include it in their personal growth goals.

#4. Improve quality and productivity of work done

Honing existing skills, and learning new ones, means employees can do their jobs more competently, and ultimately delivers higher quality to your customers. The enhanced empowerment of your staff will feed into their interactions with your products and your customers, and their workflow becomes more productive.

Coaching and development programmes typically deliver a documented return on investment (ROI) of 6 times the initial outlay — that’s a pretty compelling statistic for any business.

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