IT Training

Imagine something you cherish in your adulthood, whether a carefully stored box of letters from your childhood, a precious collection of dolls or teddy bears, or even creations lovingly made from Lego® or ceramics. We are an endearing race, and cherish the things that are important to us.

IT Training teddy bear

This is how we feel at The Smart Train about our training tutorials and workshops. At The Smart Train, we provide a selection of training tutorials and videos and self-guided workshops. The content has been carefully compiled utilising experience, expertise, and empathy. We also include step-by-step guides on how to tackle various tasks.

For you, our SMART Training programs can mean the difference between simply using an application, and taking full advantage of its extensive capabilities.

The videos provide relevant tasks and exercises to build your knowledge base in the use of spreadsheets, documents, presentations, email management and databases.

The videos will have the most impact if  –

  • you are self-taught and a regular user
  • or you have done some formal training up to intermediate level “at some point”

You will find videos on Microsoft Office, which is the most used Office Software on the market. We can also, on request, provide training videos for Open Office and iWork.

On purchasing our training videos, you will also receive the sample and exercise files used in the videos. Check out this video to see HOW you can improve your MS Office skills…

Advances in technology and resulting business changes require an adaptable, skilled and educated workforce. Our IT Training videos offer quality training to meet the needs of a diverse and rapidly changing e-business world, and help companies large and small increase the effectiveness of their change efforts.

The training videos in each category below focus on the necessary features of the Microsoft Office® Applications.

You will also receive a FREE Bonus Training Video on how to effectively customise your Quick Access Toolbar.

Now, browse the list below, to discover how you can improve your work-flow. Today!


  • Good Spreadsheet Output 21:43
  • Insert and Edit a Chart 07:18
  • Working with Absolute References 06:06
  • Creating and redefining Named Ranges 07:40
  • Analyzing Data – Using Subtotals 11:05
  • IF Function 11:47

MASTER Microsoft Excel in ONE hour: €14.50


  • Organizing your Inbox 20:42
  • Creating and editing Rules 08:51
  • Create a Contact Group 07:14
  • Setup a recurring calendar event 12:21

Get ahead of your emails and events for just €10.90


  • Creating a Template for future presentations 09:37
  • Inserting linked objects from other programs 19:07
  • Animating your Slideshow 23:47
  • Create a Custom Slide Show 06:20

Present with prowess – you win at €11.80


  • Managing Paragraphs in a Document 21:35
  • Working with TABS 21:44
  • Creating and working with Styles 07:31
  • Inserting a Table of Contents 04:37
  • Page Breaks & Section Breaks 13:45
  • Good Document Control 11:39

All the things that made you scream – beat them now for €15.90


Get all of these videos presented on a beautiful DVD sent to you by post (yes, really, a real DVD in a real envelope, delivered by your real postman!)

Yes, please send me the FULL package with a whopping 20% discount AND Free Shipping for being such a good student! At only €42.50!

AND enjoy a FREE BONUS VIDEO with each purchase!! – Customizing the Quick Access Toolbar (QAT) 3:54


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