Business English – ESL

  • Is your business spread across different countries?
  • Are your clients operating in completely different time zones, and different languages?
  • Are you a business owner and English is not your first or native language?

Business English as a second language

Business English - The Smart TrainWith the rapid increase of international communication between B2B and B2C, speaking and writing business English well is imperative. Whether your first point of contact is email, PM/DM or phone/skype, it is important to begin with the right impression and due professionalism.

Written, spoken and visual communication go hand in hand with running a business. You and your staff want to conduct your business confident that you are not making the typical faux pas of your native language when speaking in English with a native speaker.

Improving your English will make you a better multi-tasker. You will be able to switch from one task to another more quickly. You will have more cognitive flexibility and find it easier to adapt to unexpected circumstances.

Learning English as a second or other language will also improve your understanding of your native language:

“You can never understand one language until you understand at least two” ~ Geoffrey Willans

Business English with The Smart Train

What are your requirements?

  • Conversation – You want to be more confident in meetings and on the golf course
  • Vocabulary – You want to learn specific vocabulary for your industry
  • Grammar – You want to brush up on the difference between similar grammar points
  • Practice – You want a native trained professional to role-play conversations and scenarios
  • Written Word – You want to improve the way you express yourself in emails, reports and letters

Business English Communication Skills

The Smart Train can help you with any of the areas mentioned above. We want to help you improve your ability, skill and confidence as a communicator in your business world.

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