Strategy – The Owl and the Field Mouse Story

owl and field mouse - strategy

Strategy ~ A Story

A little field-mouse was lost in a dense wood, unable to find his way out. He came upon a wise old owl sitting in a tree. “Please help me, wise old owl, how can I get out of this wood?” said the field-mouse.
“Easy,” said the owl, “Grow wings and fly out, as I do.”
“But how can I grow wings?” asked the mouse.
The owl looked at him haughtily, sniffed disdainfully, and said, “Don’t bother me with the details, I only advise on strategy”.

owl and field mouse strategy
No-one can really set OUR path for US, as only we know best what is best for us individually.

Take responsibility for yourself, get out of your own way, and become accountable.

Most of all? Enjoy the journey and the wings will manifest themselves 🙂