Tedication: Top 10 Business Tips For Christmas – No 6

The Smart Train Christmas Tips

This month we are running with a great series of TOP 10 tips for your business survival for the traditional break, and on into the New Year.

Business Tip for Christmas No 6:

The Smart Train Christmas Tips - Tedication


Ok, so TEDICATION is not really a word, but it comes from dedication, with a TED spin-off. We get our inspiration from many sources: books, DVDs, TED Videos, colleagues, celebrities, our customers. However, more importantly is that we inspire ourselves. Without self-inspiration, everything else is just influence. And if you strip away everyone and everything, would you feel comfortable enough in your own skin, running your business?

Professional development

In light of this amazing discovery (you realise that you do in fact, rely on a lot of outside influences to guide you in your business world), ensure you take time out of your busy schedule to improve your own professional development. Whether doing a short course, embarking on an MBA, reading inspiring books, or watching inspiring movies, plan this into your schedule on a regular basis (monthly/weekly/daily).

The best time to review this is at the end of the year. You may already have signed up for a course, so it’s imperative you go to your holiday planner (from post No 2) and mark in your study days or days/weekends away from the business. This is dedication to your professional development, personal development, and your business will thank you for it.

Review your business skills

Review some of your business skills. Do you need a nudge in accounts? Could you do with a formal day of sales training? Is your local Enterprise Board offering some courses throughout the year at subsidised rates? Do you want to set up a formal Social Media or PR campaign? Jot in roughly the best time of year to do this for your business.

Dedication is rewarding. You get out what you put in. Very few businesses run off the back of previous successes for very long. We are only as good as our last gig. Coca-Cola and Apple realise this, and strive to entice the customer to stay loyal, or produce state of the art, quality products to maintain their quality thinking customer.

Be kind to yourself and your business, and come back tomorrow to read Step 7 of ouTop 10 Business Tips For Christmas.

Meanwhile, if you find yourself struggling for Inspiration and Dedication to your business: watch this great video ~ 40 Inspirational Speeches in 2 Minutes: