Social Media: Top 10 Business Tips For Christmas – No 5

Social Media: Top 10 Business Tips For Christmas - No 5

This month we are running with a great series of TOP 10 tips for your business survival for the traditional break, and on into the New Year.

Business Tip for Christmas No 5:

Social Media: Top 10 Business Tips For Christmas - Social Media


Get talking, get into the conversation. Why is Social Media so important for your business? Simply because:

  • It is another way to communicate your message
  • It is another medium to use to connect with your customers
  • It is another medium to use to connect with future customers
  • It is evolving into a sophisticated online communications protocol

If you do not get involved now, you will struggle to understand the next phase of the Web – the Semantic Web.

That’s not to say that every business type will benefit from Social Media, but not only is it an excellent tool for B2C (Business to Customer) but also growing in popularity for B2B (Business to Business).

Social Media – What is it?

My simple explanation is:

The use of a combination of blogging and interactive/multimedia web to connect and interact with customers, other businesses and networks.

What is Social Networking?

My simple explanation is:

Using networking sites like FB, Twitter and Flickr, to communicate, interact, inform and share with the greater community.

If you want literal explanations, check out Wiki for details. Now, if everyone could just find the time!! Well, it’s not about “finding” the time, but merely planning your SM and SN activities into your working day or week.

Bear in mind, blogging does not have to be done daily or weekly, but consistency is very important. If your readers get used to seeing one post a week on your blog, and you leave it for 5 weeks, they will promptly forget about you. Believe me, I’ve been there, I even have the tee-shirt! It’s like a loyalty system. You continue to provide quality content; they will continue to read it.

So if you do nothing else before 2016, plan some time into your week to get to know and experiment with Social Media and Social Networking. Remember you need to work at driving traffic to your blog, so if you want to test a blog first, simply don’t tell anyone about it, and they won’t find it (like hide and seek, except people are not looking unless you entice them to).

Be kind to yourself and your business, and come back tomorrow to read Step 6 of our Top 10 Business Tips For Christmas.


Meanwhile, if you find yourself struggling with the concept of Social Media, start experimenting with the personal profiles you already have and follow people and companies who are doing a great job. Have a look at our Twitter Account and Pinterest Page for some inspiration.