So why am I here anyway?

I was reading an e-mail I got from Michelle Prince of and was inspired to ponder and question myself about my purpose in Life. Well I didn’t have to think for long as my main purpose in life is to help others to empower themselves whether through Coaching, Mentoring, or just being a good friend.

Do you know why you are on this earth, and what you are destined to do and accomplish in your life?
No? Not Sure? Never really thought about it? Have an idea? Absolutely?

So what is your purpose in life? What is unique about you? What are you destined for?
Be a great writer?
Be a good spouse?
Be a great friend?
Make a difference to the lives of others?
Conquer Everest?
Be the richest person in the universe?
What is your purpose?

Michelle mentioned three things we can do to determine our purpose if we are struggling.

1. Write down every single thing that you love to do. Here are some typical questions:

What are you interested in?
What gets you excited?
What are you curious about?
What Books do you like to read?
What Movies do you like to see?
What type of people do you like to hang around with?

2. Write a Bucket List – make a list of all the things you want to do before you kick the bucket:

Write that book, take that lifetime trip, scale that mountain, run that marathon, become a famous popstar or musician.

3. Write down what legacy you want to leave behind you:

What would others say about you at your funeral?
What would your eulogy sound like?
Write it all down from the tiniest thing to the huge accomplishments you would love to be remembered for.

Once you have completed the written exercise above, ask yourself this:
How are you living your life right now to help you live out your legacy?

Reflect and figure out what you are doing right now and what you are NOT doing right now to get you there.

I agree with her three main points but would stress that I feel it is also important to determine our values and beliefs before we try and match our life now to our greater purpose. But nothing says that we have to wait until everything is in place or is PERFECT! Start right now to bring your actions of today in line with your true purpose.

And have fun figuring it out. Be curious, don’t put too many expectations on yourself while doing this task. I had fun and have a much better sense of what I am about and where I am going long term.