Management: Top 10 Business Tips For Christmas – No 7

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This month we are running with a great series of TOP 10 tips for your business survival for the traditional break, and on into the New Year.

Business Tip For Christmas No 7:

TOP 10 Business Christmas Tips - Management


I am not talking business management or people management here, but self-management!

Here’s a thought:

  • You cannot respect another until you respect yourself. Agree? OK, here’s another:
  • You cannot love another until you love yourself. Agree? Some won’t agree with this statement. Try this one:
  • You cannot parent a child until you can parent yourself. Parents will understand this. So what about business? Here we go:
  • You cannot manage a team until you can manage yourself. What do you think? If you are lacking in self belief and self confidence, how do you think you will manage a team?
  • So we are now on the subject of self-management. What does that mean for you?

What does self-management mean for your business in 2016?

OK, let’s talk common sense here:

  • My business is very busy in the summer. So then you would plan your other activities during your quiet time, wouldn’t you? So have you done this for 2016 yet? (Is your Holiday calendar from Post 2 full with all activity planned for 2016?)
  • My busiest time of year is Christmas. So I bet you are now concentrating on getting the last of your orders out now, and you are doing nothing else? Or are you still trying to do another 30 million tasks?
  • I need to do a Health & Safety course in 2016. Excellent, so you know that you must do this course next year to be compliant for your business. So have you researched the available courses, locations and times? Can you avail of an early bird booking to save money? Have you slotted it into your calendar for 2016?
  • I must have my thesis ready by end Jan 2016. Oh boy, that’s only 6 weeks away. Well no problem! You have it all planned out, right? A nice structured weekly plan to write something every other night for the next 20 evenings. Excellent!
  • I really need to lose 4 KGs. OK, so you have that planned also? A do-able routine to achieve that all-important goal. Did you perhaps have that goal last year too (for 2 KGs)? Is it being amalgamated now with this years extra 2 KGs? How about your timing? Is just before Christmas a good time to start?

Efficiency vs Effectiveness

Self Management can only be accomplished if you plan it out. If you do not look after yourself, and plan accordingly, you will be sitting here this time next year, wondering where the year went to, and you still have not accomplished your goals or plans. You could also be wondering how to lose 6kg.

Sure, what’s another year? (as Johnny would ask.) Well it can be another year of kicking yourself in the teeth, then beating yourself up some more. It can be another year to feel like you are not good enough, accept defeat and give up. It’s all just too hard.

If this feels familiar, then just STOP, STAND UP and SAY to yourself “YES, I didn’t manage myself well this year, AND now it starts.”

Then SIT DOWN and plan your 2016 for yourself, your family and your business. And be proud that you are taking responsibility for your own well being.

Running a business is not about working 80 hours a week, it’s not about being efficient. It’s about being effective, and effectiveness means “producing a decided or decisive effect”. So be decisive in your business today, to reap the benefits tomorrow.

Be kind to yourself and your business, and come back tomorrow to read Step 8 of Top 10 Business Tips for Christmas.

Meanwhile, if you find yourself struggling with your entrepreneurial spirit: watch this great video ~ Entrepreneurs can change the world: