Making time for the things you really WANT to do


Let’s blow a TIME MANAGEMENT Myth


Now imagine that there are actually 25 hours in the day. We all would love more time. Do YOU really believe that with 7 extra hours a week, you would use that time to do new things?

Find the Time

Now consider giving up something that wastes time. Like smoking (in my humble opinion, as an ex-smoker). Aside from the other risks and reasons, if I smoke 20 cigarettes a day, and spend on average, a conservative 3 minutes to smoke a cigarette, that’s 60 minutes a day spent smoking. That’s exactly the 60 mins you would love extra in a day.

Now, if you have given up smoking for example, what have you consciously done with that extra 1 hour every day? Your 25th hour? Have you consciously assigned that time to do things that you love?

So, using this example, we do not really need an extra hour, or 2 hours, or 3 hours every day. We can simply re-direct the time that we have, to do the things we really love.

So if the example above does not inspire you, lets look at our day more practically.

A week consists of 168 hours. An average person works and sleeps one third of that. Commuting averages at 2 hours a day. Personal chores, errands etc average on 2 hours a day.Time management

Let’s do the Math

Week = 168 hours

Work = 56 hours

Sleep = 56 hours

Commute = 14 hours

Personal = 14 hours

Total = 140 hours

Hours left = 28

That’s 4 hours EVERY day for you to do the things you want to do. It’s your choice. If even half of this time is taken up with childcare, or caring for another, that still leaves you with 2 hours a day, to do other things.

Even if 3 extra hours a day are required for necessary things, that still leaves you with your 25th hour to do the things you want to do. By the way, listening to your friend’s woes on the telephone for an hour is a choice. Spending extra time ironing socks because you feel you should, is a choice.

The Challenge

Helping people get the best from their time – that’s what I do. I have seen the pitfalls, the sabotage, the martyrdom. I have challenged the reasons people come up with why they cannot find time (and to let you in to a big secret? You cannot LOSE time!).

And I challenge you today. Look at the hours you spend every day doing your every day tasks, and seek to find that one hour. For yourself. For no-one else.