Mad isn’t it? I am still running

Welcome to my world…

To follow is a copy of an email I sent to my close network. So rather than bombard everyone in my network, I am producing the mail below for you to read, if interested 🙂

Hi there, happy weekend!

I haven’t been in touch in a while now and wanted to let you know how the Mini Marathons went, the fundraising and of course, what the hell I am doing now.

Firstly, I am delighted to report I am pain free, unlike this time last year when I was crippled, and had to give up running altogether. My waistline was not happy!

So after intense self care and chiropractic treatments in Spring, I was promised I would be doing the 3 things I love again – gardening, driving my motorbike and running. At first it was a struggle, and my health seemed to be deteriorating rather than improving, but finally after about 2 months, I suddenly began to feel huge improvements.

So much so that I was back running with a great new podcast programme, building my distance, stamina and endurance over 9 weeks, ready for the Cork and Limerick Mini Marathons. Not only did I finish both without killing myself, I improved on last year’s times with little effort. I felt great 🙂

I decided to dedicate my efforts for charity – Age Action this time. In light of the bad weather we had last year, I felt the elderly were in dire need of vital funds, and it would give me a greater focus for my training. And it worked! I completed both runs successfully, and am delighted with the progress on last year, which was so difficult I really believed I wouldn’t run again.
And the build up of support from you was a huge factor in my success.

So to prove to myself that I can do this, I have continued running at least 6km runs since Oct and in the New Year will build this up for my first 10km run. There I said it out loud, yes I will run 10km in Spring, using the 10KM programme from same guy I used his 5km podcasts (slightly customized for the Limerick 8km) He now has a 5km App that you can use your own music with (some of you already heard me harping on about it).

So this is a quick long email to thank you kindly for your support over the past 2 years, for cancer research last year (We raised over 600 euro) and of course Age Action this year 🙂 The response this year was not as energetic as last year, I think it may be because of the charities I picked, I am not sure.  So if you were considering sponsoring in the summer, and didn’t quite get around to it, I would love you to consider Age Action for your Christmas donation this year, through my page of course 😉 – as you can see the page is struggling at the moment and needs some euro love – .

I thank you kindly for considering this if you haven’t already, and thank you sincerely for your moral and monetary support. May you have a fantastic December with the build up to the holiday season that is looming. I know I will be on a wind from after next week, and hopefully the snow will be kind to us this winter. I just heard there that there will be snow in Knock today.

Happy Sunday folks,

Much love,