Looking in the wrong direction for happiness

A better day

Tunnel vision! Blinkers! Sound familiar? This can be a state of affairs when going through our daily grind. Focusing on just one thing. Mostly this is helpful, as we search for Wally in a picture, not so helpful as we turn the house upside down looking for mis-laid car keys or glasses as we are racing out the door. We look and check and re-check in the obvious places.

We get frustrated. We give up. We ask someone else – “have you seen my glasses?” They reply – yes, they are where you left them last night – on the bedside table.

Tunnel vision is required and beneficial when drilling down to specifics. If it becomes habitual, it’s hard to step back and see the bigger picture. Or even harder to simply turn around.

A change in perspective

I got up the other morning, looked out the window and just had that sense of “here we go again”, typical Irish weather – black clouds looming, and the drizzle hanging in the sky.

 Misty day Ireland

I made a coffee, and went into the conservatory, and came face to face with a creation I had made the day before. My state changed immediately. The beauty and fragrance of the flowers wooed me over. My day had really started and I was on the right track.

garden grown flowers


Sometimes, we just need to turn around, step back or take a bird’s eye view.

Have a great week!

P.S. It can be good to re-visit also – this another view of how the road above can look in better weather

A better day