Locking out Freedom

We All want Freedom.

Freedom from negativity and limiting beliefs.
Freedom from tolerating “second best.”
Freedom from the ties that hold us back.
Freedom and Power to Live The Life we dream of living.
Where is this Power? Does it lie in buying another TV, acquiring the latest thing, keeping up with the “Jones’s”? Will we discover it in our next relationship – within the next person we meet after partying one more time?

Will we catch glimpse of it through the glass of our next drink, find it at the bottom of the pill bottle, or the end of our next cigarette? But are you sure it’s Outside you? Remember Dorothy musing in the Wizard of Oz? “If you can’t find what you’re looking for in your own backyard, maybe you never really lost it at all.”

Perhaps it is within Us?

Maybe it’s been there All The Time?

We all know the answer to that, but sometimes we prefer to continue believing that the Power is outside us, because then we can easily resolve it by buying those great new shoes, or another TV, and don’thave to do all that pesky “inner work.”

So if the Answer, the Power, is There – within Us – how come we haven’t found it yet?

What’s the secret to unlocking it? We need a Key – a key that’s totally unique to us. And we need specific tools and instructions that show us how to create our special and unique key.

BE YOUR OWN LOCKSMITH! Do something positive for yourself TODAY. If you are feeling you have lost touch with the inside (of you), just simply do ONE thing today only for YOU. Does that sound a bit selfish???
Then remember how good it feels, and how you are able to share that positivity with others, because it is contagious. So how could that be selfish?

By being kinder to ourselves, by default we are being kinder to others…