How soon do we try a Shortcut?

I was driving around Dublin a couple of years ago, and realised I had been using the same route to go to Holles Street for months. As I sat in traffic I wondered – is there another route or even a shortcut to where I wanted to go?

I took out my map and mapped a few different routes to take. I noticed after taking a few of them, there were better routes on certain days or even certain times of day, depending on schools and hospitals on the various routes.

It just goes to show, to be informed is a great thing. But this knowledge was from driving a regular route.
It got me thinking about life – do we always take the same routes? Do we wonder about shortcuts? If we did learn about a shortcut, HOW SOON would we implement it, if at all???

I have often heard people saying – “well I know this way, so I’ll just stay with it”, “it would take too much time to try and find a better way”, “I would have to leave earlier to look for a shortcut”.
FINE – stay the way you are, that is the choice. And don’t get me started about choices (another day my friends).

The point is, we ALWAYS have a choice – to stay where we are, or to move forward.
Have you ever learned or been told about a short cut? Did you try it? Did you continue the way you were going?

I would love to hear your comments. I feel this is a very important issue that pops up in coaching sessions.

Much Love,