Holiday: Top 10 Business Tips For Christmas – No 2

The Smart Train Business Tips For Christmas

This month we are running with a great series of TOP 10 tips for your business survival for the traditional break, and on into the New Year.

Business Tip for Christmas No 2:

The Smart Train Business Tips For Christmas - Holiday


Make sure you factor in some R&R into the holiday period. Some business owners will use the “holiday” period as a perfect procrastination and distraction excuse to delve into tasks that were not meant for December, or that have been put on the long finger and have suddenly become urgent. Be aware of your limitations and be wary of “panic” setting in.

A technique I have found very useful with regard to fitting in all holidays, trips, quick breaks, necessary travel, is follows:

IN ADVANCE I sit with a Year calendar (2016 for example) and pencil in obvious slots for each trip, and each “time-out”. The reason I do this, is because my work can be seasonal, and I can also slot in events I want to attend, be “at home” for, and any exhibitions I wish to attend.

I begin with a wish-list, and try to populate the calendar as much as I am aware of. Then, I estimate the costs and times when I will need to book travel and accommodation. Some need to be booked in advance, so I mark in April a date for booking flights to Germany in July. This guarantees I get the best prices possible, and I know how much I need to pay “up-front”.

My 2016 has already been planned so I can make all the holiday trips I want to do next year, budget and prepare for them in a timely manner, so I can enjoy them without stress, guilt, procrastination or outside influences. It also ensures I have looked out for my travel insurance and driving licence and passport expiration dates.

A little planning in advance can secure your R&R for 2016 and guarantee absolute enjoyment. It also protects your business, and allows it to avail of much needed R&R.

Be kind to yourself and your business, and come back tomorrow to read Step 3 of The Smart Train’s Top 10 Business tips for CHRISTMAS.

Meanwhile, if you find yourself struggling with time management, read our blogpost here, or on procrastination and distraction, check out this article.

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