Happy Christmas from The Smart Train

Wishing you a very Happy Christmas…

Elaine at the top of a mountain challenge - Happy Christmas

…and best wishes for 2016!

Happy Christmas from Elaine at The Smart Train. Make this your challenging year, nothing is too hard to accomplish – it simply depends on your perception. I thought I might be too old to learn to ski, but I committed to it anyway at the tender age of 43. I am heading into season 3 now, and for the first time, really looking forward to moving from beginner into intermediate level. I still have a lot to do, a lot to learn, much falling, and plenty of fun ahead!

What I do know, is that if I never tried, I would always regret having not at least giving it a go. I was in my late 30’s when I decided to take up motorcycling. I am still a scaredy cat on corners, but riding my bike reminds me that:

I invite you to challenge yourself in 2016, take the plunge, and at the very least, give it a try!

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