Getting back on track

Cork Mini Marathon bib

I am no stranger to health and fitness, having been a part of various therapies, classes and courses over the years, mostly as a preventative rather than a cure. Those of you who know me personally will attest to the fact I have NEVER dieted, but do not indulge in fast and overly processed foods, but like anyone else, have my “weak” areas.Cork Mini Marathon bib

Cork Mini Marathon bib 2010

I fought these weak areas for a long time, and there is something about turning 40 that helps us realise that health is so important, because without it, you do not have quality of life.

Now I allow myself my indulgences whenever I want them, and compensate by eating healthily otherwise, drinking lots of water and exercising on a regular basis. To be truthful, mostly my exercising consists of brisk long walks, and generally going to a class of some kind.

Last year, in beginning of 2010, I discovered running was a faster way to improve fitness and endurance, and of course kick me back into a state of racing heartbeat and pushing myself beyond my comfort zone.

I wrote a post about it at the time about motivation, and decided to achieve my goals by training for both the Cork Women’s Mini Marathon AND the Limerick Women’s Mini Marathon. I followed a programme to the minute, and achieved my training goals for the first race. The second race was exactly a week later and unfortunately I did enough damage to my lower back that
was already tender from a previous injury, which basically put me out of action for nearly 12 months.

Finish Limerick Mini Marathon

Thankfully, I decided to be pro-active about my recovery and in Spring 2011, visited a wonderful Chiropractor, Ben Martin in Ballincollig, Cork. Ben enabled me to not only learn how to strengthen my spine and surrounding muscles, but he literally kick-assed my lower back into action, which had forgotten that it was there to do a job – support me!

Through his dedicated Chiropractic care, he adjusted my mis-aligned bones to re-connect the parts of the nervous system that had gone to sleep.

Finishing the 2010 Limerick Mini Marathon

He promised me I would achieve my goals of getting back running, gardening and motorcycling.

Fast forward 4 months, I am in week 5 of my new training programme “Couch to 5K”, attending Pilates classes, working in my garden and driving my beloved Honda XR125 around the countryside. I am feeling fabulous and increasing my endurance all the time with the running programme.

Ben has so much confidence in me that he donated one of my visit fees to my chosen charity for this year, Age Action. You see, it’s always good to have goals, publicise those goals and get others on board to help motivate us.

We don’t have to do everything alone, we are social beings, and thrive on support from those we respect.

If you are considering some form of fitness, research what you would enjoy, what would get your heart beating, and help you achieve your goals. New Year is not always the best time to start, and indeed Autumn will kick off a whole season of classes and courses you can attend.

I am amazed at the support I am getting from my online community.

Thanks to all who donated so far, it’s never too late to run for charity, have a coffee morning or a table quiz. My page is open if you would like to donate securely online now –

Wishing you health, happiness and lots of humour,