Emotional Inflammation

I was just thinking about all these horrible viruses hanging around Ireland. It seems if someone catches a virus, it runs rampant throughout the workplace, the household, or can even wipe out communities.
So why do we get sick sometimes when viruses are on the prowl, and why sometimes we seem to escape by the skin of our teeth?
I recently became very ill with a seemingly innocent cold, which quickly developed into a flu like illness with temperature, aches and all the usual horrible additives that hang on and threaten our very existence. It wiped me out for 3 whole weeks.
It wasn’t until I met up with my own Life Coach that they suggested that there is very good reason why I succumbed to the nasty infecter.
They suggested it was my body physically coping with all the mental and emotional garbage that I was in the process of eliminating from my conscience. This suggests that there is such a connection between the physical and the mental, that one cannot but be affected by the other.
If our mental health is good, we will be physically vibrant and visa versa.
However, if we are under the weather, we catch an auld flu or cold (generic terms for “I am feeling like a bus ran over me”), and we are dragged down physically and emotionally, feeling very sorry for ourselves. So we weather the rough road, and pump ourselves with Uniflu and Mightyflu quick fixes, and expect to get better.
But sometimes we don’t really want to get better, and I think there is a perfectly good reason for this – we simply need the time-out. When we refuse our bodies time-out, it decides to take matters into it’s own hands.
Next time you go to the doctor with an ailment and they ask you – how long have you been feeling this way – they should really ask “When did this start?” because simply something instigated this ailment – our body decided it needed it. So next time you feel under the weather, try and figure out exactly when it started – was it when you got some bad news, experienced a loss, stress, lost your job, had a bad week???
By identifying this and then accepting that it is, we can build our emotional appetite and that will build our immune system, and speed up the recovery process, without chemical intervention.
There is a reason for everything, every happening, and to accept that we accept change (as it is really the only predictable thing about life (change)).
A positive mental attitude can save a lot of aul ailments from affecting us. A nice thought in the morning could save you picking up that nasty virus for that day, and we can deal with the next day in the same way the following morning.

Try it…we could get through the winter (sorry, summer) without hiccup.

Chat soon,

Elaine x