Why Coaching?

Life is a gamble, not a safe bet!


According to Deepak Chopra:

If we want greater harmony and well-being in our lives and in the world, the first step is transforming our awareness

Awareness cannot be unlearned. Once we become aware, we cannot become unaware. We can choose to take note, or ignore. This is a crucial fact I learned a long time ago, and notice it every day with my clients.

Whether it is a good or challenging awareness, it cannot be undone. By creating awareness in a coaching session, the client recognises the tools within themselves to move forward and be pro-active in their own journey towards positive change.

Make the change you need – TODAY!

If you are unsure about coaching, then ask yourself, why did you start researching and checking out about coaching? How many websites have you looked at so far? If you have come this far, you are already aware that you need change. It’s way more than just curiosity. That is already enough. After that, you need to start a dialog, with a professional. Now close all those browser tabs and make the call, it really is as easy as that!

I remember when I was considering coaching as a “self-help” tool. Boy, did I research until near exhaustion. I now realise that the awareness alone was enough to know I wanted to learn more. So drop me a line, ask the question that is burning your conscious mind right now!

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