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SellingYou are pro-active about making change in your work or personal life. You want to work on certain challenges yourself. Like proper goal setting, with an achievable and action-focussed plan.

You want to improve your level of confidence and assertiveness. Or perhaps you want to enhance your presentation and communication skills.

The Smart Train has the programme for you right here! Our Coaching products allow you the freedom to work on your personal and professional development in a manner and time that suits you.

On receipt of your payment, you will receive your programme by email:

SMART Goal Setting – only €28.50

Converting a want, wish or need to a result can be a daunting process for some. This workbook contains the steps you need to take to set achievable goals, set objectives, and turn those objectives into actionable planning. The workbook contains a proven step-by-step process, case studies and actual experiences from real people. Simply click the link below to download this amazing goal setting workbook:

Assertiveness – only €19.00

Time Management – only €19.00

Communication Skills – only €19.00

Presentation Skills – only €22.50

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