Charity: Top 10 Business Tips For Christmas – No 1

The Smart Train Christmas Tips

Hi there – Welcome to The Smart Train’s Top 10 Business Tips For Christmas, imperative for the survival of your business (and you!) This time we are going to count down (or up?) to Christmas with our great series of TOP 10 Tips for getting your business ready for the 2015 wind-down.

We are running with the theme of C.H.R.I.S.T.M.A.S for this year.

So here we go – going to kick off first with a very quick tip on CHARITY:

Business Tip for Christmas No 1:

The Smart Train Christmas Tips Charity


Charity begins at home with your business. It’s so important at this time of year to look after yourself, your health, and your business. Ensure to plan “gaps” into your weekly/daily diary instead of the opposite “cramming as much as you can into year-end”.

Transfer tasks to earlier or later in the year

It’s also a good time to think about transferring certain tasks to earlier in the year when planning for 2016, to ensure you do not end up with a jam-packed December with no chance to “wrap-up” efficiently.

If you are traditionally busy in the winter months leading up to year-end, you could consider pushing certain tasks to later in the year. Often, summer can be very quiet for certain types of businesses, and this is a great time to get business “chores” out of the way. You can even push your business planning to the quieter months, to provide the time and headspace to work on your business. Self-charity will help you get a better handle on overwhelm this year.

Be kind to yourself, and come back tomorrow to read Tip No 2 of Business Tips for CHRISTMAS.