Another Day but not another Dollar!!

Free Stuff

We all love free stuff!Free Stuff

We feel good about ourselves when we get free stuff, and we feel good about the person or company that provides the free stuff. It’s a “humanoid” thing. We have a feel good factor, and openly and willingly talk about the product or service that we got for free. Whether it’s a competition win, or a genuine offer of advice / service, our feel-good hormones kick into overdrive and we feel like a winner.

So too does the provider of the free stuff! Everyone is a winner! We are on a roll! We feel great. Our business has benefited! Their business has benefited!

Create relationships

Over the past couple of years, as I became more and more involved with Social Media and Social Networking, I have interacted with more people than I possibly could in person. But a beautiful consequence of this is, because I interact with my online community as much as I can, I invariably create relationships, most of which are mutually supportive.

So as I communicate more, I seem to attract free stuff. All this free stuff has really helped to drive my business, drive my knowledge, and provide me with invaluable resources to grow my business. As this free stuff falls into my lap, I have that feel-good factor, and find myself giving out free stuff. This can be in the form of business, referrals, advice, support or connecting others together.

Give, and you get back

If you are an expert in your field and manage to extract huge sums of money for your time, giving a percentage of that time for free will empower both you and the receiver. What comes around, goes around!

Give it out, offer it up. It will come back to you in others ways that are helpful to you. It doesn’t have to be reciprocal but whatever you do, make sure you pass it on in some form or other.

Please share below what free stuff you received or provided, whether it was online or offline, and if you feel it was worth it

One thought on “Another Day but not another Dollar!!

  • March 18, 2011 at 1:21 pm

    Hi Elaine,

    I love a bit of free stuff every now and then. Its interesting that you mention the online networking and attracting free stuff, because I’ve also been fortunate enough to receive some ‘free’ assistance from networking buddies. This show of friendship and unconditional work really endears me and I would offer the same in return hands down.

    Same topic, slightly different theme. I wrote this not too long ago on free online resources. The difference is, you discuss free with the additional of experience and all the things I mentioned were missing with online free stuff. Could this be a growing trend!!!?

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