Action: Top 10 Business Tips For Christmas – No 8

The Smart Train Christmas Tips

This month we are running with a great series of TOP 10 tips for your business survival for the traditional break, and on into the New Year.

Business Tip For Christmas No 8:

The Smart Train Christmas Tips - Action


Or lack thereof!

There are 4 sleeps to Christmas. How much have you left to do? Enough to take 10 working days? Are things feeling a little pressured right now? OK, then it’s time for the SMART Stripper!

Take out a piece of paper.

Either as a Mind-Map or a Matrix, we are going to reduce and prioritise our tasks (TO-DO List). It’s time for some action!

Mind Maps

  1. Put your business name in the middle of the page.
  2. Now map out all the things that are on your mind, things to do, things you should have done, things you are thinking about for the future (2016).
  3. It probably looks VERY scary. You may feel overwhelmed if you have never done anything like this before. No worries, because we are now going to refine the list.
  4. Out of the major nodes (I have 7), can you move any of them to 2016? I can move 2 immediately. This reduces my map significantly.
  5. Now look at the other nodes individually. Can any of the sub-nodes be moved to 2016?

The tasks listed now will take me 3 days to action and complete. I have 4 days to Christmas, but who wants to work Christmas Eve, unless of course it is actually going to make you money!

So it’s all about planning, writing things down, and prioritising. If you are overwhelmed with things to do, something has to give. Otherwise it’s your health that suffers, and this will manifest into an illness, so your body takes over your mind, and you have no choice but to stop! When you stop, you have no action, and therefore, no progress.

If Mind Mapping does not fit the bill for you, you can use simple lists, but lists are restrictive, and do not allow you view the bigger picture like mind maps.

Alternatively, you can design a Matrix for yourself

The Smart Train Time Management Matrix

  1. Now, from your list, mark everything that is important.
  2. Go over the list again and mark everything that is urgent. There will be some overlap.
  3. Draw out a Quadrant similar to the one above.
  4. Place each task into the relevant quadrant of the matrix. You should have tasks in each of the 4 quadrants.
  5. Forget everything in Quadrant 3 and 4.
  6. Concentrate on Q1 and then Q2 as your priorities, and take action.

Realistically, for future, you should never have anything in Q1 unless it is an emergency that has just happened. The idea of the Matrix is that you complete your Q2 tasks first, so you will never have something in Q1. So for 2016, plan out your important tasks (using your planner from Post 2), and try not to allow tasks to slip into Q1. Easier said than done I know but in the name of self-preservation…

Be kind to yourself and your business, and come back tomorrow to read Step 9 of our Top 10 Business Tips For Christmas.