About The Smart Train

The Smart Train is simply about improvement. Do you want to improve your business? Your life? Your working day? If you are ready for change, The Smart Train is ready for you.

The Smart Train is headed by Elaine Rogers, creator of the videos, workshops and all other media on this website. Elaine has 16 years practical experience of working closely with people like you. Life is an amazing journey and Elaine believes learning is part of that journey.

Learning is not just about the end game, but also about how we get there. She takes this path with you by being with you every step of the way, utilising the different mediums of learning to help you on your own journey. Learning is movement, and the train represents a fast movement, ‘locomoting’ your way to your destination, where you achieve success.

PyreneesBrowse the site, decide on the train you wish to board, and what journey you need to take today.

In 2013 Elaine moved from Ireland to the foothills of the Pyrenees in SW France. Her heart will always remember standing at the top of the Ballyhoura Mountains in Ireland, and experiencing the thrill, clarity and joy of feeling “on top of the world”. She now explores the peaks of the wonderful Pyrenees, climbing yet higher!

About Elaine

Elaine Rogers
Elaine Rogers – The Smart Train

I am a Training & Development Specialist. For the past 15 years, I have worked with SMEs, Multinationals, Government Departments and Educational Institutions. I also had my own Coaching Practice in Cork, Ireland. I am passionate about helping people develop to improve their potential.

In 1994, I left Ireland to travel extensively across Africa, South America, Central America, USA and Canada. My return to Ireland in 2000 instigated my involvement in training and development. In 2013, I left my homeland again to live in the foothills of the Pyrenees in the SW of France, and another new chapter in my life began.

From my experience with training and coaching clients, I have developed remote coaching services (using skype or a similar medium) and there is definitely a coaching service I can provide to suit your needs. Head over to the Coaching Services page to check them out.

I have worked with business owners to develop and enhance crucial aspects of their personal & business effectiveness. I have developed self directed learning and coaching solutions for goal setting, starting a business, time management and a host of other tools. Check them out on the Coaching Products page for more information.

“After many years of working for others in a 9-5 environment (well it was more like 8-6), I felt I needed some direction in my life, and came across Life Coaching in 2004. This proved to be the catalyst of many great happenings for me. I qualified in Personal and Business Coaching to pursue my passion for positive change. My passion and interest in people has stemmed from a long career in Training and Developing people out of and beyond their comfort zones. I have also upgraded my Coaching skills in the areas of Career Coaching.

I abide by the Coaching code of conduct. Any kind of personal development demands self-discipline and perseverance. I feel every single person has the ability to be their own teacher, expert and coach. But the reality is, some of us need extra guidance and support with our journey. That is why I initially became a Trainer,  and later a Personal and Business Coach.”

Have a look at the Testimonial Page to read comments from feedback received.

Elaine’s Accreditation

As a dedication to her clients, her own learning, and her business, Elaine embarks on continuous learning and development. Here are the relevant qualifications and expertise to ensure you receive quality and assurance that your commitment will be worthwhile, and you will arrive at your destination satisfied:

  • NLP Practitioner (inc Time Line Therapy and Hypnosis), Ireland
  • Diploma in Entrepreneurship, Ireland
  • Advanced Certificate in Career Coaching, Ireland
  • Diploma in Personal and Business Coaching, Ireland
  • Certificate in Training & Development, Ireland
  • Microsoft Master Instructor Train the Trainer
  • Diploma in ICT (Train the Trainer)
  • Bachelor of Arts Degree in Computer Science and Mathematics (University College Cork), Ireland
  • TEFL Qualified
  • ECDL/ICDL Qualified

Here is a nice visual of Elaine’s Qualifications

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