A Valentines Day Message – A day to do what you love, a year to love what you do

Are you wondering what it’s all about?

Are you wondering exactly what “what” is all about?

For some, February 14th is a scary time. For others, they are oblivious, and for most, it means either a planned romantic weekend away or dinner, or a rushed job to the local fuel station on the way home. Whatever it means to you, it’s like one of the other 364 (or 365 this year) days that mark an occasion of some kind.

Something Different

I asked my husband over the weekend what would be a nice topic to write about for Valentines Day. He suggested writing about the things we love doing. I thought “what a great idea!” We get so worked up about the people we love, should love or don’t love around this time of year, it can be so disheartening for some, they would rather write an ode to their cat.

mushroom hunting
Mushroom hunting in Somerset, England


Today I am celebrating the things that I love. I can speak to those I love any day of the week. I don’t speak to them every day of the week, in fact I don’t have a constant contact with any member of my family or close friends. It’s the way I am, but it never for a moment means that I care less because I contact less.

I love what I do! I predominantly help others learn, grow and grow through their learning. They say that trainers and sales people have similar traits. One of them (they say) is that of a need for validation. I say they are right (whoever they are). I say nothing excites me more than someone having a light-bulb moment or someone just “getting it” after spending quality time with me as a Trainer or Coach (or both).


Nothing empowers me more than the self-empowerment of another. Yes I enjoy the feedback when learning takes place, but it is such a precious place to be in and at times can be quite intimate. Learning is Life itself, that is my learned opinion, and my belief. I remember when doing my training as a trainer many years ago, I based my end of term project solely on one quote, a quote by the well respected scholar Oscar Wilde himself ~

Everybody who is incapable of learning has taken to teaching

It suggests that at some point, everybody learns as much as they need, and become the teacher of that learning. Or taken literally, those who cannot expand their minds, take to telling others “how to”.

We are all winners

A very interesting quote, and either way one I completely disagree with. I am honoured to be a learner, a constant learner and student of life. If I can share and empower others along the way, and share a part of their journey, then I am also a winner.

Be a winner today and this week, and every week this year. Love what you do and do what you love. Be open to learning new things – always!!